Phil 6.14.13

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • Ran the scripts to update the accept/obligate table
  • Backups
  • Deployed new VSS (only jar files and swfs + restart!)
  • When building a viz table, the column names are coming across as column elements. I think the copy needs to start at row 1, not zero.
  • Trying to chase down a bug in how the cognos data is ingested and summarized.
  • Wrong field name(s) in the funding_status data grids
  • My thought on the “Master Mapping Table” for FA
    • Database name (optional?)
    • Table name
    • Table alias
    • Column name
    • Column alias
    • The client app uses this to provide the list of available columns to query from . Users see and use the “Column Alias” only, which has to be unique within the table. Normal SQL is allowed, though any word that could be used to modify data is not allowed. Joins are set using the table names and aliases. Column aliases are mapped to “Table alias”.”Column name” . The UI matches to VizTool Builder as much as possible, with tabs leading from basic (pick the columns to make the query) to advanced (restricted – read only – sql)
    • Queries can be published for general use within FA, or published to the VizTool. Publishing to the VizTool creates or updates a named table in the visibility_dev2 database. There probably needs to be some update frequency as well.
  • Fixed the NULL bug in VSS
  • Fixed the header row bug in VSS
  • burned a new disk containing FA and VSS

FP 3:00 – 4:00

  • Here’s hoping that we can get back to real development next week
  • Wrapped the FL_FileChooser in a class just to make it a bit easier to deal with in multiple instances.

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