Phil 11.14.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Deployed new versions of PPM, PA (new view only permissions), and Vis2 (bug fixes). Checked the fact that the bug fixes in fact do work by having Dan, my favorite bug-finding user try out this system.
  • Cleaned out old backups to free up disk space. All teh backups are still on the network drive, so this was redundant. Still keeping the most recent backups on the server in case everything goes down and I lose connectivity with the network drive, since that’s happened before.
  • Back to GWT. Rather than the book, I’m going to try something quicker. We’ll see if Google keeps up on its own technology well.
    • Made a GWT_HOME environment variable so that I can run webAppCreator.
    • That seems to be working well. Even ran everything from the command line.
    • Importing it into the IDE didn’t result in a project that was recognized as a GWT project. Had to re-create it in the IDE.
    • Stockwatcher (again)