Phil 11.8,9.12

8:00 – 4:00

  • Meeting with Lenny and Don about VisTool. After a lot of going around, they want more (as yet unspecified) scripts. After having now interacted with Ray (An actual user!), I want to have fewer Financial Mitigation pages popped up at people who have no money to spend yet.
  • Was able to replicate the freeze problem. If the user has not set up any “desktop” styles, the objects that define the panel borders are null, which freaks the color calculations out. I added traps for that, and also experimented with what the best change in the ‘per wedge’ hue rotation in a pie chart is. It looks like it’s 23 degrees, and I took out the code that varies it as a function of the hue difference between the panel bg and border.
  • Committed all changes and burned the new vis2, PPM and PA to disk.