Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dong Shin 08.21.2012

  • attempted to deploy new PPM/PA with the database updates removing users in projects table that resulted in confusion….
    • ALTER TABLE projects DROP proj_mgr_login
    • ERROR 1025 (HY000) : Error on rename of ‘.project_portfolio#sql-6f4_5f3a’ to ‘.project_portfolioprojects’ (errno: 150
    • this is cause by existing foreign key set up on the column and command line solution is
      1. show create table projects;
      2. remove all the foreign keys by ALTER TABLE `projects` DROP FOREIGN KEY `projects_ibfk_7` ;
  • added Change Password capability to PA and PPM server
    • modified LoginScreen.mxml to have changePassword states and associated text fields/validators
    • added changePassword method to

Phil 8.21.12

8:30 – 2:30 ESSO

  • Rolled out the new DB change that allows single and multiple users (PMs, Admins, etc) to be listed in a single table, and thereby create better charts. It was exciting, and we seem to have broken the MySQL instance a little, but everything is working.
  • Sent Tom D. a copy of the UIST white paper for Novetta to mull over.
  • Created a disk of my workspace with the most recent versions of all the code and Maven. I need a DVD for the repo, so that will wait until tomorrow.
  • Starting on GWT In Action again.

2:30 – 4:30 FP

  • PAD meeting.

Phil 8.20.12

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Backups and such
  • Did some updating as well, or more specifically looked into why updating wasn’t(?) straightforward.
  • Working from home as I wait for the AC guy.
  • Installing FB4.5
    • Main install complete
    • Getting subversion
    • rebuilding my local maven repo
    • Could not get the projects to build. Need to see what’s going on at the Mill, maybe burn the entire workspace and compare.
  • Installing MSVC 2010
    • Done – downloading FP project to verify everything’s working
    • Had to re-point to the same projects (in the *exact* same places, mind you). But all is compiling.
    • The texture and shader folders were not up-to-date. Had to do some scrambling.

Phil 8.17.12

8:00 – 2:30 ESSO

2:30 – 4:00 FP

  • 3:15 Meeting with Dr. Kuber to discuss research opportunities for the interface device

Dong Shin 08.17.2012

  • working at home
  • removed all logins in projects to use relation tables (_projects_…. tables)
    • DBUpdateSQLs08172012.sql
  • changing PPM code to reflect the above
    • save/update projects
    • modified Monthly Financial Data to include the first PM and Admin
    • modified SelectProjectWindow to include the new schema
    • modified PA to work with new table structures

Dong Shin 08.16.2012

  • working at home
  • query to get projects that has same value in previous months
    • SELECT p.project_number, p.title, p.proj_mgr_login,
      c.uid, c.center_number, c.center_name, c.appropriation,
      a.year, a.amount,
      FROM projects p,
      budget_centers c,budget_amounts a,obligations_outlays o
      WHERE p.uid = c.project_id
      AND a.budget_center_id = c.uid
      AND o.project_id = p.uid AND c.uid = o.funding_id AND o.year_count = a.year
      AND ((o.month_1 = o.month_2 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_1))
      OR (o.month_2 = o.month_3 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_2))
      OR (o.month_3 = o.month_4 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_3))
      OR (o.month_4 = o.month_5 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_4))
      OR (o.month_5 = o.month_6 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_5))
      OR (o.month_6 = o.month_7 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_6))
      OR (o.month_7 = o.month_8 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_7))
      OR (o.month_8 = o.month_9 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_8))
      OR (o.month_9 = o.month_10 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_9))
      OR (o.month_10 = o.month_11 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_10))
      OR (o.month_11 = o.month_12 AND NOT ISNULL(o.month_11)))
  • no 10:30 meeting
  • created script to generate project data that has same value as previous months – src/main/java/resources/scripts/
    • working on passover years
  • need to clean up associated managers in projects, move all the managers to separate table and remove the fields in the projects table

Phil 8.16.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Testing new VSS and server code
  • Need to deploy AccountManager.swf
  • 10:30 Meeting. Deploy VSS after? Nope – still need to change the code so that the entire published list isn’t brought down. Code’s written, but not tested. Waiting until after the meeting
  • Printing out a copy of Dong’s query.
  • Finished fixing PublishedDataPage. Much faster.
  • Burned a copy of the VISIBILITY suite workspace to keep on site.

Phil 8.15.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Added FMPs to the script
  • Backups
  • Uploaded but did not install the most recent versions of software onto the shared disk. Test on Integration, then deploy to Test
  • Updated the FY reports now that the PM Actuals are in
  • Added some slides to Col. Dukes’ presentation

3:00 – 4:00 FP

  • Made some changes to KFVirtualHand to make things a bit more intuitive.

Dong Shin 08.15.2012

  • new query to get the latest FMP’s
    • SELECT o.uid, p.uid, o.project_id, max(fmp.uid) as maxid,
      (SELECT fmp2.financial_mitigation_plan FROM financial_mitigation_plans fmp2 WHERE fmp2.uid = max(fmp.uid) ORDER BY fmp.uid DESC LIMIT 1),
      FROM obligations_outlays AS o
      LEFT OUTER JOIN financial_mitigation_plans AS fmp ON o.uid = fmp.obligation_outlay_uid
      LEFT JOIN projects AS p ON p.uid = o.project_id
      GROUP BY o.uid
  • new bugs
    • Delete Table in IngestManager deleted Auto Ingest Config?
    • Run Now in IngestManager not working
    • Server Logs in VSS not showing up in the front
  • query to get goals for RDT&E
    • SELECT appropriation,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_1, 0)) as Oct_2012,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_2, 0)) as Nov_2012,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_3, 0)) as Dec_2012,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_4, 0)) as Jan_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_5, 0)) as Feb_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_6, 0)) as Mar_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_7, 0)) as Apr_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_8, 0)) as May_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_9, 0)) as Jun_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_10, 0)) as Jul_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_11, 0)) as Aug_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 1, obligation_month_12, 0)) as Sep_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_1, 0)) as Oct_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_2, 0)) as Nov_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_3, 0)) as Dec_2013,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_4, 0)) as Jan_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_5, 0)) as Feb_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_6, 0)) as Mar_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_7, 0)) as Apr_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_8, 0)) as May_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_9, 0)) as Jun_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_10, 0)) as Jul_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_11, 0)) as Aug_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 2, obligation_month_12, 0)) as Sep_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_1, 0)) as Oct_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_2, 0)) as Nov_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_3, 0)) as Dec_2014,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_4, 0)) as Jan_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_5, 0)) as Feb_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_6, 0)) as Mar_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_7, 0)) as Apr_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_8, 0)) as May_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_9, 0)) as Jun_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_10, 0)) as Jul_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_11, 0)) as Aug_2015,
      SUM(IF(year = 3, obligation_month_12, 0)) as Sep_2015
      FROM `obligations_outlays_goals`
      WHERE  appropriation LIKE ‘RDT&E%’
      GROUP BY appropriation

Dong Shin 08.14.2012

  • spent some time at Fort preparing for Col. Duke’s presentation
    • alerts when a PM Actuals have stayed the same from one month to the next
    • alerts when COGNOS data (for a specific PFR or grouping of funding (budget centers)) has stayed the same from one month to next
    • add FMP to
      • add this query to
      • SELECT o.uid, fmp.uid, fmp.obligation_outlay_uid
        FROM obligations_outlays as o
        LEFT OUTER JOIN financial_mitigation_plans as fmp ON o.uid = fmp.obligation_outlay_uid
        GROUP BY o.uid
  • VisibilityScripting bugs
    • scripts are not deleted by delete button
    • scripts persists after they are delete in the DB
  • checked in the latest VSS code that had delete script support

Phil 8.13.12

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Put in the cleaned-up scripting client. Much faster. It’s still slow when it downloads published data. Need to look into that.
  • Need to add a warning dialog to AccountManager that warns to rebuild roles when roles are deleted. Had a fright with that today.
    • Working on getting the Alert listener to behave…
  • Put together slide show with Jessica. Need to add some scripts tomorrow to fill out presentation

Phil 8.10.12

8:30 – 5:00 ESSO

  • Gave Jim Griffie the writeup on why we need at least 2.5 FTE on VISIBILITY
  • Jessica found a bug (or at least, something bug-ish). If an invoice has a zero value, it still saves.
  • Redid the VISIBILITY website to behave more in line with the way that people use it, and to add Account Manager.
  • Reworked VSS so that there are fewer requests of the server at login. Also fixed a bunch of formatting problems. It turns out that a ResizeEvent won’t cause the vertical resize to occur on a Spark form. I had to go back to mx:Form to make resize work properly.
  • sent a note about my SSBI

Phil 7.9.12

8:00 – 5:00 ESSO

  • Dong says that the problem was that ‘courier’ isn’t available of windows. You have to use ‘courier_new’. That does explain why everything was working, yet not working…
  • Weekly meeting
  • Jessica and I have XACTA accounts now, but with read only roles. Denise is going to work on this.
  • One more training down, about three to go.
  • Writing up a justification for more than one FTE after October 1. Instead of doing FTE work.
  • Burning a new copy of VSS4 now that the font problem has been licked.
  • Wrote up a screed on VISIBILITY staffing for Jim Griffie