Phil 8.20.12

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Backups and such
  • Did some updating as well, or more specifically looked into why updating wasn’t(?) straightforward.
  • Working from home as I wait for the AC guy.
  • Installing FB4.5
    • Main install complete
    • Getting subversion
    • rebuilding my local maven repo
    • Could not get the projects to build. Need to see what’s going on at the Mill, maybe burn the entire workspace and compare.
  • Installing MSVC 2010
    • Done – downloading FP project to verify everything’s working
    • Had to re-point to the same projects (in the *exact* same places, mind you). But all is compiling.
    • The texture and shader folders were not up-to-date. Had to do some scrambling.