Phil 8.28.12

8:30 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Database backups. I could add a script that walks through the directory listing and deletes all files with similar names that are the same size?
  • Added the login/password restriction to the ProjPortfolioMgrPreFY13 folder. The information on how to login is on the ROOT/index.html page. At this point, you have to really *want* to use the old db. It’s almost impossible to access by accident.
  • Adding browser and manual artifact loading to RepoNav. Browsers are in and load as a sort of failover if the tree can’t load any children. Need to be able to add a text artifact to the dependency tree next. Also I want to be able to show the dependency that’s been selected.
  • Looks like this is done using DependencyComponents.setElement() on line 574. I think we can just make a dummy Dom4j Element and then print it to the Text area.

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