Phil 8.23.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • More repo navigation. Done and deployed as Version
  • Had some thoughts about an ‘assistive slider’ that might be a good thing to use in an upgrade of IngestManager
    • Slider brings up an associated window, kind of like code complete in Eclipse. Clicking in that window allows further interaction?
    • A slider could go from “Easier” to “More Secure” on how the data is ingested. Easier maps to “Publish” at the lowest level Roles. “More Secure” maps to private. Choices in the middle are explained in the associated window.  Custom variants on the ‘default’ option can be managed within the window.
  • Status meeting at 10:30
    • Status report
    • Some bugs came up that we’re working on. Also we committed to rolling out the FY13 change on Monday

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