Tom 5.30.2012

Start: 9:30

  • Changed the location of the grounds for the midi controllers on the new board
  • Finished routing sensor circuit traces
  • Finished adding amp circuits
  • Routed power lines
  • Still haven’t found a hard drive power connector which I could mount to the board but I did find the footprint for one in the schematics
  • Still looking for either a connector for the ribbon cables or a footprint for the ones I have.  I can use the standard pins without a mounting harness but the harness is nice as it cannot be plugged in the wrong way.
  • Changed the wiring of the midi and amps to use the two prong connectors I have been using for wires going to the arduino.  This will make it easier to swap out parts if needed.

End: 6:00

IT WORK (OVERHEAD) — 1:30-3:00: My laptop has been having intermittent problems which seemed to be characteristic of overheating.  I spent some time today opening up and cleaning off the fan as this is a common problem with this model.  Once the fan was cleaned off, I noticed that the laptop idles at a much lower usage level and even with the overclock settings the fan does not spin nearly as fast.  I ran 3dmark06 to benchmark and test stability.  It ran it very well even with the CPU overclocked to 2.75ghz(normal clock is 2.2ghz).  Furthermore, the area below my left hand, where the graphics card resides, does not get hot anymore.  The fan did not even reach max speed during this test.  Hopefully this solved the stability issues I have been experiencing for almost a year.

Asus has very efficient cooling systems in their laptops, but even the best systems will fail if dust sneaks in.  It is always good to clean the fans periodically, as I have seen computers which seemed destine for the junkyard, fully recover after their cooling systems were cleaned.