Mike 5.28.2012

  • Working on the chart stuff from home
  • Finished my class structure and all toXml and fromXml methods, here’s an example:

And the XML that defines it:

<set seriesType=”ColumnSet” type=”clustered”>
<series seriesType=”ColumnSeries” yField=”0″ fillColor=”14976769″ fillAlpha=”1″/>
<set seriesType=”ColumnSet” type=”stacked”>
<series seriesType=”ColumnSeries” yField=”1″ fillColor=”10861646″ fillAlpha=”1″/>
<series seriesType=”ColumnSeries” yField=”2″ fillColor=”1807833″ fillAlpha=”1″/>


Now I need to start working on the configuration screen

Also, here is a useful link for parsing XML using e4x: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/E4X_Tutorial

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