Tom DeVito 5.24.2012

Start: 6:00

  • My wrong pin theory was incorrect.  Yesterday, I thought that the top pins on the aux IO pin block might be pin 22 and 23, throwing off my numbering.  It turns out, the reason these pins were hot(putting out voltage) was because they were in fact 5 volt pins.  This means the numbering is correct.
  • The middle and rings midi controllers were swapped.  Problem solved.
  • I found while running my testing sketch that the reset method does work on all but the index finger.  Upon inspection of the midi board, I found that a surface mounted capacitor had a broken connection.
  • Tried to repair the problem but it was beyond fixing.  Cut all the wires and confirmed that this was the one having problems.
  • After replacing the Midi shield, the reset method was still not working.  The connector for the reset was not connecting properly.  I guess it was just a coincidence that the capacitor was also loose.  I am not sure how the capacitor was effecting the functionality of the shield as it seemed to work but wouldn’t reset.  Regardless it is probably best that it was replaced.
  • Everything seems to be working now.  I changed the instrument from church organ to viola 42 because the organ wasn’t sustaining properly.  I am pretty sure the organ is supposed to but I couldn’t get it to do it.
  • It just occurred to me that maybe you were not selecting church organ properly.  Change instrument accepts bytes and you are passing it an int.  There is likely a loss of data issue there.  I am pretty sure all the midi class parameters are signed bytes are what the midi protocol uses.
  • Tested this by hard coding the instrument settings and it sustained properly.
  • When it first starts up it does not sustain the first note but when you start one through the console it sustains properly
  • I tried a few different strings and they all seemed to work as expected.
  • If you have any problems call me 301-787-0490.  I am hoping to hit the road by noon at the latest so if you can me before then I may be able to drop by if necessary.
  • I will clean up the office Monday.

End 4:30