Dong Shin 04.19.2012

  • got GWTRequestFactory working with hibernate JPA..
  • to create GWT Request Factory with Hibernate…
    1. create a domain model class, e.g.,
    2. create a server service class that contains EntityManagerFactory, e.g.,
    3. create a service locator class that extends Locatorr<T, ID>, e.g.,
    4. create a proxy interface in Client that extends EntityProxy and defines ProxyFor, e.g., PersonProxy
    5. create a request interface that extends RequestContext and defines service, e.g, PersonRequest
    6. create a request factory interface that initialize the request in step 5, e.g., PersonRequestFactory
    7. create a persistence.xml that defines database properties and object relation mappings
    8. create a orm.xml that defines entities used in persistence.xml

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