Tom DeVito 3.28.2011

Start: 8:00

  • Helped Phil solve a problem regarding deployment of his 3d applications on a machine that did not have Visual Studio 2010.
  • A couple things were learned in the process.
  1. Dropping in the DLLs did not work.  I suspect this is because of the debug version not being compatible without proper registry entries, as well as, the difference between 64bit and 32 bit distributions between two of the machines.
  2. The required DLLs are available in the redistribution pack found here:
  3. This distribution can be silently blocked by some anti-malware programs if auto-protect is on.
  4. Always build dependent libraries as Release before using them with your programs if not already in a binary form.  It seems the real issue was not with the application itself but with the dependent libraries.  Also check in c++/code generation project properties, that it is not set to a debug mode.
  5. Always test on a machine that does not have visual studio before going into a demo.
  • Played with the simulation a bit.  Looks good and now I have a better idea of what is needed.
  • Finished fixing the controller base class
  • Started figuring out the logic for the audio controller.
  • Hopefully we can start integrating the simulation with the electronics by Friday.

End: 6:00