Tom DeVito 3.27.2012

Start: 8:00

  • After my recent issues with the IDE I decided to upgraded Visual Micro.  The new version was for Arduino 1.0 and although the old would probably work I decided now would be a good time to upgrade
  • Some methods and classes have changed names and parameters, most notable, Newsoftserial in now softwareserial, and wire.send (BYTE) is now wire.write(byte(0x00)).  BYTE is no longer a data type but the is a byte(0x00) function which may be necessary.  I remember needing to use this when my friend was doing his project with the I2C compass but do not remember which type he was using in the first place.  It may not matter since I was using char in the first place.
  • Fixed some problems with outdated code that was not changed to reflect the new parameters of data elements or the current way of storing data in the Data Dictionary.
  • Fixing the recently imported Controller base class to work with the various changes that were made when testing the data dictionary.
  • Found out the real source to what I thought were IDE problems were actually that arduino extended classes need to be included in the main .pde file or they will not include properly.  This includes wire.h and softwareserial.h.

End: 6:00