Phil 3.27.12

8:00 – 8:30 FP

  • Tried running the hand code on my laptop but ran into DLL problems. It was the debug version, so I recompiled the release version today. Let’s see if that makes it easier.
  • A useful page explaining all this, including that debug dlls are not redistributable.

8:30 – 4:30 CSIP

  • Ok, now that I’ve got the examples compiled and running (In Swing! How quaint), let’s see how to use this thing.
  • Chapter 2. Use cases and examples
  • Sent Ed a status update
  • Ok, I got the Drools Developer’s Cookbook, and it looks like I was doing this in the wrong order. Going to start over with the rules engine (Expert)
  • Chapter 1. The Rule Engine
    • An object type constraint plus its zero or more field constraints is referred to as a pattern. When an inserted instance satisfies both the object type constraint and all the field constraints, it is said to be matched.
    • Downloaded drools-distribution-5.3.0.Final, which contains example code. Some problems compiling, but the HelloWorld works, so we won’t worry for now…
    • This process is called inference, and it’s essential for the working of a Stateful Session. Stateless Sessions typically do not use inference, so the engine does not need to be aware of changes to data. Inference can also be turned off explicitly by using the sequential mode.