Mike 2.28.2012

  • Did the normal database backup this morning
  • Deployed a test client application to test remote object connectivity for Visibility on the client server
    • It reads all properties for the properties file just fine
    • It does NOT produce any errors while attempting to connect to the remote object, however it does not succeed either
    • There no errors indicating anything went wrong in any log files anywhere
  • Responded to several emails concerning the server going down yesterday
    • Apparently as soon as I submitted a ticket it was restarted which is what fixed the issue
    • The tech sent me an email at 9:40 when the server came up, my email server received the email two hours later…
  • Back at the office I tried debugging several items to figure out why Visibility is failing on the inside
  • Dong built a version of visibility which I will take back to try and debug
  • I will also try stopping and restarting the Tomcat server
  • Went back to site and tested the fixes, they did not help

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