Tom DeVito 2.24.2012

Start: 10:00

  • Working on the controllers for gathering sensor data and sound controls
  • Made some changes to the base classes for sound control so that they accepted value between 0-255
  • Made some more minor changes to the the Amp and Midi classes to make execution of commands easier.
  • Decided on a naming scheme for variables in the DataDiction.  The finger name underscore property(ex. thumb_vol is thumb volume)
  • My friend Chris came by to make a car which turns and travels north.  He was using a compass IC which communicated to the Arduino using I2c.
  • I found out that it is a good thing I have not updated the arduino IDE yet.  There were changes made which would break my code.  I will have to update this eventually but I want to get everything working first.
  • atan2(y, x) will find the angle in radians from the origin.  This method automatically fixes it to work past 90 degrees.
  • I used my com classes and console to print out the data to help him test the compass.  Simply dropped it in and set a toString on his class.
  • We were able to get his robot to work.  I’ll show you the video tomorrow.

End: 6:00

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