Mike 2.23.2012

  • Regular back up and connectivity checks this morning
  • Deployed a fix for a broken user select button in the Create Funding Request dialog
  • Met with Tangie and discussed:
    • Connectivity through outside networks
    • Getting a link to our stuff from a more official site
    • Difficulties creating a funding request, Tangie was able to while I was watching but we’re still trying to get a hold of Christina and diagnose her difficulties
  • Contacted Denise Price regarding server maintenance, she said she would email me the details
  • Contacted the authentications server helpdesk to try and get our system added to the production list from the test list
  • Brought Dong up to speed about yesterday’s meeting
  • Working on building a fresh version of Visibility, PPM, and PA on my laptop
    • Need to find / install a flex 3.5 SDK
    • Need my Eclipse to cooperate and quit locking up
    • Got it built!

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