Tom DeVito 01.13.2011

Start: 9:00

Primary Goal:  Get the controller test to work across the wire.

  • Adding a isDirty flag is not as easy as it would seem.  The only real link between the entry and the data is the void pointer.
  • Added a new method for setting commands to the DataDictionary.  The parameters for this method are the dd entry name and the command you want to set.  Since we are using explicit command objects to set the command, we don’t need validation.  If I go back and optimize memory usage, I will have to change this.
  • I didn’t want to send an empty buffer when nothing was there, but it seems readfile requires data to be received or it waits there forever.
  • In order to keep it synchronized at the start, the arduino does not start sending data until it recieves a empty packet from the pc.  I can see the light flash showing the computer sending the packet, but it doesn’t change the state to start sending.
  • The internal serial buffer of the arduino is only 128 bytes…  Well I guess that is the solution to a ton of problems.  I am going to have to change the way things work, to send each data item individually.  Oh well, after yesterdays memory problems, I realized this would probably be the better route anyways.
  • For some reason, the project isn’t recognizing that I changed the library which holds commgr to have a buffer of 128.  Its overflowing the ComUtil and causing it to become corrupted.
  • Need to try to find a non blocking serial method for windows

End: 4:00

Arduino serial packets can only be 128bytes each.  Larger items will have to be sent in multiple packets, but it should be large enough for most.