Tom DeVito 11.22.2011

Start: 11:00

  • The link I posted yesterday for using visual studio with the arduino only works with VS2008.  There is a new link which was added to the bottom for a addin called Visual Micro:
  • I was having a problem creating a arduino project.  I had to reset the addins:
  • Imported all the arduino classes into the project.  I used the testing sketch to check and make sure it uploaded to the arduino, everything seems to be working.  There are some red underlines here and there for no apparent reason but it compiles and transmits correctly.
  • Everything is in one place now.  Its much easier to see and edit all the classes from one place.  Before I could only really see the main sketch and had multiple windows open for the classes.
  • There are a couple bugs in the error checking.  The IDE will red line some things which are actually not errors and compile fine.  Still a vast improvement.
  • The ComUtil class on the arduino side was not being included properly.  Not exactly sure what I did but it is working now.
  • Everything seems to be working properly in individual testing now.  Putting it all together, hopefully will have something to show by end of the day tomorrow.

End: 6:00