Tom DeVito 10.21.2011

Start: 9:00

  • Changed all the buffer sizes to accommodate more data.
  • Was able to get multiple structs to pass and import properly
  • Added a check command function to the arduino side.  This checks for a new commands and executes them.  Commands are in hex so that the first number can be the finger number.  example 0x11 would send the change volume command to the index finger.
  • There was something the sparkfun guy sent me to help wire the midi shields to an amplifier.   For some reason the page isn’t coming up,  I’ll try again monday or have it sent to me again.
  • Phil said he could help me get the pressure to volume plotting working using openGL.
  • We put rubber feet on the stand which helps it not metalically rattle the desk.  I am not sure how much this helps because I haven’t fixed the distortion problem yet.

End: 6:00