Phil 10.19.11

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed Dong’s code
    • Change Budget Center to something like “Identifier”, since that doesn’t seem to be a unique identifier. Maybe fine all the items that do change within a column and use them to select which line item to selct? Other common information can be displayed below the comboboxes.
    • The current navigation gets put in a dropdown called “month”
    • The navigation at the bottom should step through the items that need to be filled out for the selected month. There should be an indicator that shows progress through the list (maybe a progress bar and a “2 of 10” label)
    • Selected columns unselect after coming back from a Financial Data Entry dialog
    • When changing a budget center, load times take upwards of two minutes!
    • Should SingletonDataDictionary.getItemData() return a null if data has not been published? Changed this so that it is the case
    • Default columns should not include Exec Summary.
    • “Columns” button should be changed to preferences
    • Status should be the left-most column.
  • Mobile App
    • Added Generic Scrollers to the table and column choices. Need to make sure that the ordering from the column list to the way that the columns are rendered is maintained.
    • Changed SingletonDataDictionary.getItemData() so that it returns a null if no item has been set yet. Checked in and deployed.