Tom DeVito 9.13.2011

Start: 10:00

  • Yesterday I said I wasn’t sure if you can pan channels.  I found that I was using the wrong command for volume in my class and it works similarly to pan, so it should work on individual channels.  I didn’t notice because I had the right command in the init setting volume to max and never changed it afterwards.
  • Finally found a complete table for midi(A lot of the ones I find don’t have the 0xB0 control commands):
  • Fixed a problem with the test sketch which was causing weird problems.  Midi and amp classes are now working completely as they should.
  • Worked on the controller class some more.  Added a function which will make it so that channels 0-7 will output on left stereo while 8-15 will be on right.    It will automatically add 8 to the fingers initiated to be on the right speaker so you can treat them all the same when sending commands.

End: 6:00