Mike 6.29.2011

  • Added about screen to the Application Class factories
  • Added the ability to have about screens on dynamically loaded application.  Must make sure the about screen class is compiled in to the swf in order for this to work.
  • Dealing with remotely loaded swfs trying to load configuration files
    • Initially could not find config file as it was looking for a relative URL
    • Copied the config file to the local file system so it found it but now threw weird security errors.  From the messages it’s hard to tell which crossdomain required fixing, localhost or fgmdev.  Turns out it was localhost because I was loading the visibility swf from fgmdev to localhost and running from there.  The fgmdev swf then tried loading ‘assets/setupModel.xml’ from localhost but threw an error because the orginal domain is fgmdev which doesn’t have permission to load files from localhost even though it’s running from localhost…. my brain hurts.
  • Resolved the security issue and now getting ‘an error occurred while attempting to display an error’ kind of message.  Or more specificially: “Cannot convert IOError to FaultEvent”.  So whatever method in visibilty that is responsible for handling the error is receiving the wrong object type.

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