Mike 6.27.2011

  • Reworked the welcome screen so each Application has it’s own description available prior to launching the app
  • Redoing the module loading so for each IApp class a ClassFactory is passed around instead of a raw Class, this lets me attach things like titles, descriptions, and icons at run-time
  • Created a generic SWF Loader IApp that, at run-time, a user may enter the url of a swf and load it as an application
    • Was able to load WebDesk inside of itself at total of 9 times before i ran out of room (Webception)
    • Trouble with loading visibility: the config file is not found since it is a relatively URL and not absolute, quick fix is to copy config files to local deployment
  • Extended the ClassFactory implementation to allow pre-configuration of swf loaders
    • In the webdesk config file, I put a line describing a remote SWF I’d like to make available as an App
    • Once the applications starts, that app is loaded and added to the welcome screen beside all the other existing apps
    • This removes the requirement of the user entering in the URL