Tom De Vito 6.21.2011

Start: 10:10


  • Made a library for the ComConsole, ComMgr, and Printable classes
  • ComMgr’s sendData, recieveData, and toString were set to virtual
  • Not sure why but, when I added the libraries to a new project, it complained about the libraries being in RELEASE instead of DEBUG.  They both worked in the other project and I couldn’t find any properties for this.
  • Recompiled them as DEBUG


  • Changed all instances of 32-bit integers to 16-bit so the Arduino matches up.
  • Added type parameter and associated methods to DataElement.


  • Figured out how to extract data from the receive buffer.
  • Tested the PC side Serialize and De-serialize.
  • At first I was copying the DataElement out of the buffer but eventually figured out how to read it straight from the buffer
  • Started writting a method for the arduino to Deserialize.

End: 6:30

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