Tom DeVito 5.31.2011

Start: 9:30 am

Examining new components:

  • The 13mm exciters are the perfect size but may not be powerful enough with only a 1 watt rms
  • The 25mm exciter is a bit bigger and heavier then I initially thought but has a 15 watt rms which may be needed.
  • The base shaker seems to be a good size but weighs a bit more then I thought it would.  This also has a 15 watt rms
  • Need amplifiers to test the bass shaker and higher powered exciter.  Will test the 13mm tomorrow.

Incorporation of COM to RCS:

  • Set up the read, write, init functions
  • Am trying to figure out how the DataDictionary works as well as where changes will need to be made for the simulaton to read off the new arduino controlled entries as opposed to the phidget inputs.
  • Forgot to add DWORD n and HANDLE hCom are both required for com communication
  • Not sure if there is a way to scan com ports for specific devices.  Currently its hard coded but may need to be manually entered in case port changes.

Com Monitor Console:

  • Copied relevant functions into a new project to eliminate some of the complexity as Phil asked.
  • Outputs will be printed on one line which will not scroll.
  • Found the proper sketch for testing this and renamed it “ComTest”  so that I don’t get it confused again.
  • Will finish this tomorrow

End: 6:00 pm

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