Christine 02.28.2011

It’s been a while, but I wanted to compile a bunch of info before posting since my schedule has been so sporadic.

  • Been working with Tomcat/Eclipse/Flash setup on both Mac and Windows.
    • SSL: Although Dong sent me his .keystore file, it was out of date and contained his info. Created new certificate keystore, then modified settings.xml file.
    • Took a few steps back to try and get a test project working. Combining Phils steps with additional documentation, I was able to successfully get a Flex/Java project working on both mac and windows… with one snag. Question: Why does Tomcat’s settings.xml file reset itself when using Tomcat through Eclipse? (side note: my Mac and Win eclipse are set to “use Tomcat Installation”) Here’s what I found – after modifying the settings.xml file to use SSL, when I use Tomcat through Eclipse SSL is no longer enabled. When I check the settings.xml file I find that it’s been reverted back to its original state (with the SSL connector info commented out and the keystoreFile info removed). Is there a way around this?
    • As for getting a test project to work, I ended up downloading BlazeDS.
      • In Eclipse I start a new project by going File < Import and selecting Java/War file. Name my project and click "finish".
      • Right-click on the project and select “Add/Change Project Type” < "Add Flex Project". I configure the server type to be BlazeDS and click 'Next'.
      • The following screen should be configured as such: Root Folder-Point to the WebContent directory of your project, or if you changed the name point to the folder with the WEB-INF and META-INF directories in it; Root URL-end with project name; Context URL-is the last part of the URL minus the ‘/’. Validate the server location and click “Finish”. (You may see a “Recreate HTML Templates” error in the ‘Problems’ view. Right-click and fix)
    • After this was set up, I moved over the xml files from a working project (see Phil’s post, step 9). Because I created the project as an import using BlazeDS war file, the (basic) jars needed were already imported and a web.xml file was already created. So then I refreshed, rebuilt and tested by going to “http://localhost://messagebroker/amf&#8221; and it worked. yippee.
    • But my celebration ended abruptly when I tried to test the secure messagebroker only to discover that the settings.xml file was reverted back to it’s original state. Need to find out why.
  • Thanks to Phil for helping me deal with Window administrative issues that was making it impossible to run Tomcat. Windows and I have been through a few counseling sessions and we’re starting to get along

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