Phil 2.25.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Looking for the mythical java client for Rserve. It does not appear to be in the distro or the svn trunk repo
  • Found it. It was in the snapshots here:
  • compiled the Rserve jar (using make!). Put it up on the maven repo as net.rforge.rserve ver 0.6.3
  • Added R.dll to my path
  • Started the server and connected to it with Putty. The connection was successful, and then the server crashed. That may be because PuTTY sent some bad characters.
  • Talking to the server in java without killing it. Wheee!
  • Writing up a description of our data migration plan – done.
  • Actually able to run an ANOVA and understand what I was doing. I think I can even generate plots and have them put in a particular server folder so that they can be downloaded and displayed in flex.