Phil 2.23.11

7:30 -5:30 VISIBILITY

  • Server Meeting today at 11:15. Don’t see how I can make that
  • Over at site starting at 1:30
  • Setting up rJava:
  • Got the rtest code in the rJava examples directory compiling. It turns out that the CRAN directory has an old version. Sheesh. Updated the maven repo with the version 9 jars. Added R_HOME to the path. Restarting all to register changes… No joy.
  • Following the directions here:
    • That worked!
  • Next will be to get R to run in Tomcat: Here’s where I’ll start:
  • Useful r packages so far (google “CRAN xx’ for detailed info on the package):
    • sqldf – allows SQL manipulation of tables
    • reshape – for manipulation of data types
    • gwidgets – support for interactive graphics
    • HH
    • rJava – java interaction
    • RServe – R as a webserver

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