Tom.Devito (2-17-2011) – (2-21-2011)


  • Got to a point with the audio amplifier controller which I cannot pass without testing my assumptions on the chips operation.
  • Chips came in but no adapter boards to mount them on yet
  • Resumed work on the OpenGL articulated hand.
  • Got one finger working, mirrored it to make sure all my assumptions were true.


  • Still no adapters for chips continued to work on the articulated hand.
  • Added Camera function.  Had a lot of problems getting this working.  Almost all of these problems had to do with me putting things in the wrong place.
  • Noticed that there are some flaws with the current method of rotation.  Found this site which explains that you need to use quaternions to make it so you can spin the object without its coordinates flipping.  There is some example classes in java on this site.  Will look for a c++ class or transcribe this once I get the hand drawn.
  • Experimented a bit more with various OpenGL functions as  prepared to move the current work out of the sandbox.


  • Moved out of the sandbox.  Set the stage, made a finger class with parameter(x,y,z,length)
  • Had many many problems getting this to behave properly mostly due to forgetting to initialize variables and other simple things eventually got it to draw right.
  • Was having a problem with the animation that it was jumping all over the place.  Thought this might be a real-time issue since the animation method was no longer in the top level glut program.  Read a bit of the chapter on real-time then I realized yet again  forgot to initialize yet another important variable….
  • All the animation I did so far was 2D.  I experimented with animating in 3d since the thumb is going to need this.
  • Random Thought:  It may be good to put a force based joy-stick on the thumb to help give it a greater degree of freedom then can be achieved with strain gauges alone.  The thumb has a great amount of 3-dimensional freedom that is essential to being able to pick up small objects.  I think this would work best if the surface is flat and it disables the extra freedom when you press in so that the thumb does not move around when you try to grab something.

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