Tom.DeVito 1.28.2011

Noticed I never published my blog for yesterday

3D articulated hand with force feedback:

  • Noticed that the solar system is technically a joint so this is a good place to start from
  • Mapped out the measurements and angles of my hand in order to get an idea of scaling ratios and required degrees of motion
  • Going to start with the finger tips and work my way down the hand.
  • The palm and thumb are going to be tricky because its made up of oddly shaped polygons
  • Read up on 3d vector physics a bit

Repairing the hand

  • Wired up the hand.  Only broke one connection others seem good.  Flux helps a lot.  It seemed to protect the gold leads and lower the specific heat of the solder.
  • All connections are giving proper resistances but I have not tested them on the SG amps yet.

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