Phil 1.27.2011

10:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • It took about 90 minutes to dig out today. Heavy snow.
  • Working on
    • Remote objects are only typed when read by Java if the .as file is decorated properly. An actionscript object that inherits from a decorated class is read in as an ASObject.
    • I couldn’t cast data the way that I wanted to from the remote objects so I redid the approach so that data objects are wrapped in remote objects. There are now the following objects:
      • CreateTableObject: Wraps an actionscript object and sets the class name as the table name. Returns a status string that can be the error message from SQL
      • InsertObject: Wraps an actionscript object and attaches a table name. When received by the host, a statement is built to insert the data into an existing table
      • QueryObject: Passes a query and a table name top the host. The table name is created by passing the actionscript object into the QueryObject class
      • QueryResultObject: Contains the query string, any message string, the table name, and an ArrayList of Maps that are converted to a Bindable ArrayCollection on the Client side
    • Tomorrow I’ll try to refactor the user info to use the new mechanism and work out into projects and entries from there.
  • It is, by the way, very convenient to look at what’s going on with the server at times 🙂

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