Phil 12.28.2010

7:30 – 5:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Katie C. went well. I showed her the entire VISIBILITY suite, and she walked though what her group needs. She’s going to get together with her division chief and schedule a demo
  • Trish found a bug(?) with user data, where a phine number with an extension can’t be stored in the DB. Let Dong know about it.
  • Working my way through protocol buffers.
    • I have to say, this is getting complex. So far you need cygwin and the gcc compiler to *build* the protoc.exe compiler. Right now I’m running the config utility that is determining *how* it will make the executable….
    • And now I need make. Getting that. Done (Cygwin is pretty cool sometimes). Running.
    • Failed CommandLineInterfaceTest.WindowsOutputPath test. Seems to be that the checks don’t understand cygwin’s way of referencing the c drive (cd cygdrive/c as opposed to cd C:/). Reading the blogs, this appears to be tolerable. The install seems to work.
  • And before I go and try this, I’m going to look for some simpler binary transfer mechanism. This is OK if you’re Google, but I’d like something that doesn’t add complexity to an already complex concept.
  • Started building a war file for a test servlet project and ran into Christine’s problem. It turns out that when we’re adjusting the pom file after it’s creation but before eclipse:eclipse is run on it, the number for the flex-mojo plugin is coming from the flexVersion variable instead of the flexArchetype variable from the User Settings. Fixed that, and uploaded the new code into subversion.

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