Phil 12.27.2010

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • I hereby declare that this is the festival of Contractorious. It covers the time between Christmas and New Years at Government facilities
    • Monday – The Festival of Light Traffic: Here we revel in the ability to drive anywhere at any time, at or above the posted speed limit
    • Tuesday – The Celebration of Easy Parking: In which we park close enough to the buildings we work at so we do not freeze to death in our sojourn across the Parking Lots Most Remote
    • Wednesday – No Meeting Day: We would gather to celebrate this, but it might be misinterpreted as a meeting
    • Thursday – The Day of Just Showing Up: We celebrate by just making it in. Observing this by napping at the desk or by leaving early is acceptable.
  • Had some scary flashbacks to text flow containers. Did find a useful article:
  • Starting to try some test applications with the DJ_Project
    • SimpleWebBrowserExample – Too cool. Handles flash and everything
    • Walking through the code for this example.
    • Working on the HTML Editor example. I needed to go out and get the zip files for CKeditor, FCKeditor, and TinyMCE editors, and add then to the classpath so that the app could find and launch them. Not sure how it’s doing that yet. I’m gussing that it’s related to the same way that the browser is incorporated. Not sure that it matters for what we’ll be doing, which is more along the lines of raiding eclipse for components and then adding them in in a more direct (i.e. integrated to work with compiler/debugger output). We’ll see.
  • Last thing to check out is a way to communicate between the IDE and the Client. Aaron suggested that Google Protocol Buffers were cool, easy and fast. Looking into them now.

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