Mike 12.23.2010

  • Came up with a decent restore animation for panels: create a small bitmap copy of the panel at the dock’s location and then quickly transition it to the panels restore location while increasing the image to the panels original size, add the panel back in to the container under the bitmap, finally remove the bitmap
  • Moved the animation and physics engine stuff in to the flex desktop framework and got them working
  • Met with Allen and looked at a sample report for the QuadChart application.  We will need for a starter demo:
    • Datagrids with grouped columns and rows
    • Ability to color columns and rows either by name or by the data they contain
    • Rich text with layout controls
    • A piechart or something that displays selected data from the datagrids would be nice
  • Started experimenting with AdvancedDataGrids and checking out their capabilities
    • Grouped columns is definitely possible
    • Grouped rows can be done by rolling up the data in to a kind of Tree/Datagrid hybrid, can then sum up leaf values in to branch
    • Coloring rows / columns / cells is not  a problem
    • Rich Text should not be an issue
  • Anything beyond is a very static demo is going to require a data backend

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