Monthly Archives: November 2010

Phil 11.22.2010

8:00 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Working on automating backups, but can’t find a good way of appending date information to the file name using windows. Maybe just make a little executable?
  • Meeting with Christie about PPM
    • The financial POC and PM POC labels (or combo boxes) are switched.
    • Need to add a search that looks at project budgets – e.e. > $1,000,000,000, or < 0
    • Add double click to maximize window if easy
    • Add ability to enter cents in a budget or financial data? (Optional – Trish had this explicitly not be a requirements. It could lead to more errors?)
  • More commenting. Might finish today- done!
    • ImageScreen.mxml
    • TimedImageItemRenderer. Added capability to change bg color programatically.
  • Time to get Flash4.5?

Dong Shin 11.19.2010

  • fixed a bug not saving contracts data correctly
  • negative numbers in Funding/Budget?
    • supported
    • format?
    • wrong change at Project Editor…. should be on Financial Data Entry
    • commented out the wrong codes – future use?
  • negative values allowed on Financial Data Entry
    • ItemEditor – allow ‘-‘ as the first
    • Added label function to mask negative values

Dong Shin 11.18.2010

  • fixed a bug showing filter comboboxes larger than the screen – used % values for widths
  • Continue on history mgmt
    • ContractMgmt and ApproprirationsMgmt force maximize on finishing of data retrieval and removed old maximize method
    • save history on panel close
    • weird behavior on restore panels – added setTimeout (setPanelsToXml, 500) – half a second delay

Phil 11.18.2010

7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • “go visibility” made progress today! We might be up soon
  • worked on automating the project_portfolio save script. Printed out documentation for schtasks to bring in tomorrow
  • Commenting
    • AirFileImageApp.mxml – done
    • LoginScreen.mxml – done
    • SetupScreen.mxml – done
    • SequenceScreen.mxml – done
    • ImageScreen.mxml
    • TimedImageRenderer – done
    • CommonScreenSckin – done
    • BinomialStatistics – done
    • – done
    • – done
    • – done
    • – done

Phil 11.17.2010

7:30 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Put together a shell script that backs up project_portfolio and moves the file to another machine in the enclave.
  • My svn isn’t working. Now it is. Dong fixed, after a few attempts.
  • More commenting. Maybe add a transition or two. Added transitions and learned a few things.
    • Components that have a transition must bein BasicLayout, with only x, y, width and height defined. If you need centering, you need to do that programatically, wising things like the FlexNativeWindowBoundsEvent.WINDOW_RESIZE event. Otherwise, the components get confused as to where to go after they have reached their endpoints
    • Programatically created classes also seem to have some issues. The SequenceScreen creates a series of ImageScreens, and I can’t get the SequenceScreen to work as part of a transition. Interestingly, transitions within a dynamically created ImageScreen work just fine.

Dong Shin 11.16.2010

  • fixed the weird bug on User Management Panel
    • caused by adding two User Management Panels in Managed Canvas
  • continue working on history management
    • maximize panels on the last step of the panel creation
    • added forceMinimizePanel, forceMaximizePanel, forceDefaultPanel to EdgeUtils.DynamicPanel
    • added forceFromXml to EdgeUtils.SaveStatePanel to force restore window states
  • having a weird problem with Flash Player
    • not going forward after Config load on debugging session
    • installed 10,1,102,64 – looks ok now
  • History Management works!
    • funding request flaky….

Phil 11.16.2010

8:00 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Christie has asked Trish and a new guy (Tom?) to look over the beta. I sent a note saying that if everything seemed OK, I’d promote the beta on Thursday.
  • Working on item renderers and getting a tile layout to have border padding. Not sure why that isn’t working… Turns out that you need to use the left, right, top, bottom attributes.
  • Wrote up a binomial distribution class. Since I couldn’t find anything easily convertible, I put it up on fgmdev, under development.
  • Commenting

Christine 11.15.2010

  • First day. Met with Phil and Dong.
  • Installed software and tutorials on laptop; set up accounts (blog, email, etc).
  • Tasked with following (also see list under Phil’s post):
    • Completing Flex In a Week
    • Mavenize AirFileImageApp, and fix MavenAssist to create Air apps
    • Begin converting Visibility2 from Flash 3 to 4
  • Completed Day 1, ep 1-6 of Flex tutorial

Phil 11.15.2010

8:00 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Talked to Christie. She’s going to try out the new version and also show Trish. They’ll either call to discuss or I’ll pick up tomorrow
  • Chris’ first day. Her task list is:
    • Flex in a week
    • Mavenize AirFileImageApp, and fix MavenAssist to create Air apps
    • Start converting VISIBILITY to Flash4 (4.5?)
  • Working on AirFileImageApp
    • Trying to add a [Bindable] value that a skin can access. Done – had to extend the SkinnableContainer class with a small actionscript class. Interestingly, it makes <layout> part of the package where the inheriting class is instead of spark.components. . I’m guessing that it’s because layout is a variable?
    • ItemRenderer – mostly done – working with padding.
  • Leaving at 3:30

5:30 – 6:30 FP

  • Cut some polycarbonate cards for PC mounting