Phil 11.17.2010

7:30 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Put together a shell script that backs up project_portfolio and moves the file to another machine in the enclave.
  • My svn isn’t working. Now it is. Dong fixed, after a few attempts.
  • More commenting. Maybe add a transition or two. Added transitions and learned a few things.
    • Components that have a transition must bein BasicLayout, with only x, y, width and height defined. If you need centering, you need to do that programatically, wising things like the FlexNativeWindowBoundsEvent.WINDOW_RESIZE event. Otherwise, the components get confused as to where to go after they have reached their endpoints
    • Programatically created classes also seem to have some issues. The SequenceScreen creates a series of ImageScreens, and I can’t get the SequenceScreen to work as part of a transition. Interestingly, transitions within a dynamically created ImageScreen work just fine.