Tom.DeVito 11.24.2010

  • Changed the windows installer to be able to tell if the localhost is secure or not and change the type of amf it uses.  Posted it on the website.
  • Realized that the visibility documentation wasn’t being properly pointed to in the demo.  Fixed this so it now opens the appropriate page.
  • Added a link to the Visibility Documentation to the website

Current Status of Projects:

  • Assembly of the new prototype for the Feldman Project is about 70% complete.  Still needs strain gauges and the associated wiring.  Waiting for multi-conductor wire and glue to come in
  • Multi-platform version of the webapp installer is nearly complete.  The benefit of this one over the windows version, is that it will also allow you to set-up the initial database from a script as long as the database doesn’t already exist.  Also I am looking into self-extracting scripts so that the final product, after someone configures it to their application, will be a standard executable that automatically brings up the configuration interface for the user.
  • In order to determine the next step for the Visibility documentation, I really need to have someone who has never used the tool to walk through my current tutorial and give me feedback.  I will try to get my mom(or even better my dad, lol) to walk through it over the holiday.  In the meantime, I will create tutorials for the features that were not covered in the Basic features tutorial.