Phil 9.24.2010

7:30 – 4:30VISIBILITY

  • Deployed new PPM swf. Looks like only a few things left to go
    • Fix the title of the PM Manager
    • Add subtotals and grand totals to Financial Request form. That should fix the addition check bug as well
  • Sat down with Masha M to walk through what she’s trying to do with SLA
    • Ingested a new data table and played around with it.
    • Tried to make a new dashboard with the table she loaded. It saved OK, but wouldn’t load in. Permission problem.
  • Working the autosave problem, but with interruptions. Hmmm. Seems to work here
  • Going to add in Dong’s “about” dialog, but on Monday, now that I’ve got everything checked out and running.
  • Talked to Anne. Meeting on Oct 4th(?) am


  • Finishing performance Eval. Done.


  • Fixing a few things and resubmitting the paper