Feldman Project Log

  • Fixing RCS program so that it only has one executive and many controllers  instead of many executives and few controllers.( almost complete)
  • Strain gauge on left side of output motor is messed up.  It was reading 2k instead of 1.2k. I was able to fix it but then when I moved it to collide with the ball again it went off again and was not fixable.
  • Probably should route the wire somewhat differently so it doesn’t get pulled on when the rod collides with the ball
  • Took a while to figure out why the strain gauge wasn’t working.  I guess the moral is if the bridge is not balanced check the resistance of the strain gauges before going crazy with other things.
  • Need to make a second input class to handle the output motors strain gauge events.   Instead of translating force into motion, it will have to translate force into offset from the central position.