Visibility Status Dec. 2009

Week of 12/29

  • Working on form view panel
  • Forms can now be save into database
  • Working on XML schema for the form component display.
  • Abandoned the idea of integrating AppBoard SDK for displaying form components
  • MvnAssist v1.7.3
    • changes made by Phil
    • released to laureldemo

Week of 12/21

  • Appboard_SDK checked out, built
    • integrating with FormBuilder
    • XML format is somewhat tricky, tried to contact Travis, no luck.
    • Setting components (Draggable) to generate XMLs instead of from FormCanvas.
  • MvnAssist v1.7.1
    • FileInstaller updated (phil)
    • released to laureldemo
  • MvnAssist v1.6
    • added UserSetttings to manage flexmojos and corp repositories
    • released to laureldemo

Week of 12/14

  • MvnAssist v1.3
    • fixed Flex Licensing problem by adding license dependency
    • released to laureldemo
  • MvnAssist v1.2
    • fixed a bug for incorrectly generating jar/war
    • released to laureldemo
  • FormBuilder
    • RemoveChecked from Table Management removes fields selected
    • Add a Field adds a field, but Save Table must be invoked.
    • Field Size change need to be added
    • Change Field Name works

Week of 12/07

  • MvnAssist v1.0 released
    • Flex server could not be configured
    • added code to modify .flexProperties and .project
    • now supports Air Application, Server Application, and Flex Library
    • deployed to LaurelDemo
  • FormBuilder
    • CreateTable
      • Select Create Table TitleWindow
        • table name
        • number of fields (ComboList and TextInput)
    • CreateTable canvas
      • DataGrid to edit fields information
    • FormBuilderPanel
      • using FlexObjectHandles v. 2
        • a bug in line 265 and 450 added to avoid null exception when up/down/left/right keys pressed
      • Up/Down/Left/Right moves the component 1 pixel at a time
      • SnapToGrid checkbox
      • Grid added to FormCanvas using degrafa
      • components can be snapped to grid
      • closest horizontal/vertical grid lines highlight (white)
  • examine Degrafa for FormBuilder

Week of 12/01

  • Completed use-case development of Form Builder
  • DBFormBuilder
    • FormBuilder panel
      • list of databases
      • columns of selected database
      • columns strucure
      • drag and drop columns to FormCanvas to build a form
    • TableManagement panel
      • list of databases
      • CreateTable canvas
      • ManageTable canvas
  • mySQLIf servlet completed

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