Phil 10.23.2009

7:30 – 4:30

  • Spent most of the day at S2f. Prepped for the demo – basically building up the XML tree, then the meeting started late, then the meeting took forever. Pat seems happy though. Here’s a list of things to fix:
    • Clear the query when the tab becomes active. Lingering queries are messing with chart creation
    • Change the classification banner to be sett in the setupxml file
    • Add “Clear Query” Button to the details page
    • Force the parent to be selected if the child is in in tree view (maybe set square gray?)
    • “Set Query Builder is not setting the table in Basic, Details and Advanced
    • Roles can’t be updated from Manager App
    • Need to have <node type=”value> elements inside <node type=”folder”> elements. Which means that we needto look up the tree until we hit a column
    • Make sure that Validate clears the query tree
  • Dong has everything but the communication with the corporate repo working…

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