Phil 10.13.2009

7:30 – 4:00

  • Had to reset everyone’s roles today. Not sure why
  • Trying to set up a meeting to discuss data and column headers
  • Working on getting checkmarks and multiple selection to work using xml – done
  • Thinking about adding <options> tag, which would be a bunch of “where clauses” that could be added to the base query.
    • Make a new tab, for the time being we’ll call it “columns”. It’s king of like questions
    • In the “Edit” section, there is a “start” button that runs a “select *” query. THis is then used to build an XML document that has all the columns (minus timestamp and uid) in it as <select> elements. THe contents of each column is read into a Dictionary and used to create a set of <where> elements under the <select>.
    • The XML is used to create a tree like Questions. THere is a TextArea that allows editing of the XML
    • Clicking on the <where> tags causes the query to add to the SELECTstatement. WHere cluses are “OR-ed” together
  • Waiting for Anne to get back for meeting
  • Had Dong get more aquainted with Maven so that we can automate our dev process a little better.
  • Mesed up my Subversion access somehow. Spent some time chasing that down

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