Dong Shin Visibility Status – Oct, '09

Week o f 10/18

  • mvn plug in
    • fixed file path error – it work different on Windows 7 and 64 bit Vista?
    • added Flex Project pom file generation
    • cannot get the plugin to install on Flex Builder – Phil is looking into it

Week of 10/11

Week of 10/04

  • Role Management
    • added findNodeByID to RoleTree.ava
  • Working off the 10/2 bugs list
    • Upload control no longer launches html, fixed
    • UserID on AutoIngest needs to be a name, not a number
    • Auto-ingested files appear to be private (They can’t be seen by others)
    • Unable to set PUBLISH or PRIVATE in AutoIngest, fixed
    • “Duration” should be set to “Frequency”, or How Often” – fixed
    • Time popup for Duration disappears after each ingestion
    • “temp” appears after remote ingest. Remote file disappears (Figure 1)
    • File seem to be ingesting earlier than specified.
    • Update time does not appear in table select dropdown (Figure 2)
  • Fixed file types not filtering correctly in IngestManager
  • table selection control added to control by Role and User

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