Visibility Bug List 10/2/2009

  1. Upload control no longer launches html, fixed
  2. UserID on AutoIngest needs to be a name, not a number
  3. Auto-ingested files appear to be private (They can’t be seen by others)
  4. Unable to set PUBLISH or PRIVATE in AutoIngest, fixed
  5. “Duration” should be set to “Frequency”, or How Often” – fixed
  6. Time popup for Duration disappears after each ingestion
  7. Password disappears for first user?
  8. “temp” appears after remote ingest. Remote file disappears (Figure 1)
  9. Verify that “Add” and “Add as child” check to see that thereis a Question Name. May be also disable the ability to edit the Query text and only have that set by the widget (tooltip to explain)
  10. Mouseup in chart sometimes causes an “object.toString” tootip, which is weird
  11. File seem to be ingesting earlier than specified.
  12. Update time does not appear in table select dropdown (Figure 2)

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