Dong Shin Visibility Status – Sep '09

Week of 09/28

  • IE chokes when URL (endpoint) is not set up with full path; ***.***.com or IP address
  • Fixed tables returning from server not role/user based
  • Added publish status, changed mode to Overwrite to IngestConfirm window
  • Changed date in the table names to return YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Bug found in AutoIngestor
    • found that files with no ext (.xml, .xls, etc.) fails to return columns
    • input validation added to RemoteFileWindow and RoleSelectinCanvas
  • Added dataTips to AutoIngest DataGrid
  • Rearranged New and Remote File buttons in AutoIngestConfig
  • Extending File class to HTTPFile to use remote files
  • Adding HTTPS and HTTP capabilities to other types of files
  • All changes uploaded and downloaded.

Week of 09/21

  • Administrators can now delete any tables from the IngestManager
    • isUserAdmin() methods added to both client and server
  • Changed displaying ID of the user to Names of the Users in IngestPanel and IngestedDataConfiguration
    • Database Query to join TABLE_USERS and TABLE_DATA tables
    • StyleFunction for the AdvancedDataGrid
  • AutoIngest now checks for existing data (file name and table name) on the client
  • Remote File Ingest to handle http and https
    • Server – and under com.edgeti.utils
    • Flex – added Remote File button in IngestVBox, RemoteFileWindow.mxml to handle remote file ingest
    • remote file added to Files Available after validation
    • change handleFileSelected() in IngestVBox to handle http and https and related events/services
    • columns returned from http and https
    • removed old remote file routines from AutoIngestConfigVBox and put RemoteFileWindow to use http and https autoingest…..
    • changed server codes to use full filename for remote (http) and uploadDir for local files.
    • ingest works!!!! seems nothing is broken….

Week of 09/14

  • disabled Use Remote location for Auto Ingest for now….
  • fixed auto ingest to run specified time, hourly, daily, weekly.
  • creating RoleColumns/RoleTree component so it can be used by IngestVBox and AutoIngest.

Week of 09/07

  • Resolved most of the bugs/fixes/enhancements Phil asked.
  • Reworking Ingestor, AutoIngest Config, and Ingested Data Config to use Roles and Role Columns. This requires changes to the Servlet, too.
  • Ingestor problem resolved
    • moved connect/disconnect for each insert SQL to east ingest. It seems ingestion is a lot faster now. XLS ingestor should be changed
  • Continued troubleshooting ingestor problem
    • Ingestor running too fast?
    • file too large?
  • Remote File ingestion
    • running Tomcat under SYSTEM prevents the Ingestor to read remote files
    • running different user (me) works fine.

Week of 08/31

  • Test Deploy to EdgeDemo – successful
    • change endpoint in assets/setupModel.xml
    • MakeFakeData in ManagementUtilsTest.html fails. It seems there is a problem in populateFakeUsers in
  • Having problems with ingestor. MySQL reports socket not available error
  • Continue looking into remote file ingesttion

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