Dong Shin Visibility Status – July 09

Week of 07/27

  • changes to Ingestor for Roles/Classification management
    • listTables() working – need ingest working
    • change and
    • changed table structure in the database, table_data, uid to id.
    • added IngestConfirmWindow to IngestManager
    • added getColumnHeaders to,
    • added listColumnHeaders to
    • added Roles and Classification for file selected to IngestVBox.mxml
    • addes ad ColumnRenderer.mxml for Roles column selection
  • Started working on Tables Management util.
    • added tables management to ManagementUtilsText
    • TableInfoOjbect, TablesManager, TablesMgmtPanel
    • added getTablesTree() to
  • added user id to autoingest; FlexAutoIngestRow, IngestManager, AutoIngestor,
  • allowClose=false not working!!!!! added menu item to bring IngestManger back in case it’s closed
  • changed Canvas to ManagedCanvas to utilize Windows menu – abandoned because ManagedCanvas doesn’t support allowClose=false
  • added menus to IngestManager – disabled unnecessary ones for future use
  • added createTable() and constructor to to fix error when there TABLE_INFO table doesn’t exists.
  • SecurityUtils moved to ManagementUtils for accessing SecutiryUtil Objects
  • integrated LoginScreen.mxml to IngestManager

Week of 07/20

  • added tableinfo table to keep timestamp info when data gets ingested
  • added timestamp info to the returning table list and to return the data, server
  • Finally solved build problems; checked out the complete project, overwrite the changes…. NEVER CREATE new projects in Flex/Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • create table if not exists added to handle merge – Server
  • File Browse button added to AutoIngestConfig, but directory cannot be appended to the filename… hardcoded path to C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 6.0/webapps/Visibility2/uploads/
  • rearranged serverLog, ingestPanel, and debugPanel so that it lays out better
  • chaged all java files to utilize new log4j implementation
  • implemented AutoIngestorServlet to utilize AutoIngestor with preset interval defined in web.xml
  • TomCat servlet can be used with Timer.schedule
  • could not find a way to log with scheduled task. abandoned idea of using the scheduled task
  • Create a Scheduled Task –
  • Java Service Wrapper successfully set up AutoIngestor as a service – C:UsersDong ShinDesktopwrapper-delta-pack-3.3.5
  • Created C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 6.0webappsrunAutoIngest.bat to run AutoIngest from command line
  • Started looking into Java Services for windows
  • rebuilt flex projects with the improved logger. Had compile issues, but Flex Build Paths settings needs reset.
  • started FlexMySQLAdmin to experiment database interface using amfPHP and Flex
  • Change project compiler setting for AMFPHP – -services “services-config.xml”

Week of 07/13

  • Enable/Disable buttons on IngestPanel according to user selection
  • Set up XAMPP to use different port: 8080, disable SSL.
  • Added merge option for data ingest – client and server (07/16)
  • Added merge option for automatic data ingest configutation – clien and server
  • data uploader now hidden under Upload File Control – client
  • changed Table Name setting to use all lower case to match DB tablenames – client
  • changed Server return of boolean to readable message – server
  • merged data uploader with ingestor – client (07/15)
  • delete table added  – client and server (7/14)

Week of 07/06

  • changed dynamic panel on IngestPanel to  SaveStatePanel – client
  • IngestPanel now not closeable…
  • added AutoIngestConfigVBox for configuration of auto ingest – client and server
  • deleted old Data Ingestor codes – server
  • created new for better interface and control – server
  • File Ingest support all xml and xls files in one window – client
  • added filter for each supported ingest file type – client
  • added existing database tables to view o the ingest panel  – client

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