Phil's Logs – 4.13.09 – 5.12.09

5/12/09 – 8:00 – 4:00

· Start building a management component
· Dentist at 5:10 today
· Need to write a Billet generator
· Got my remote desktop working
· Have an odd bug where data from the flex app does not match data from the web page. Looking into that, which requires server log widget.

5/11/09 – 7:30 – 3:30

· Start building a management component
· Add User – already done
· Delete User – already done
· View Users – already done
· Ingest personnel from a specified file
· Clear personnel
· Put together another DynamicPanel, based on Dong’s work and the TitleWindow class
· Swing by the Fort on my way home and see if I can get accounts rolling
· Asked for local admin on my development machine and the Visibility server. Talked to Mike about formats and such for Billets

5/8/09 – 7:30 – 3:30

· More Visibility learning. Got the projects linked and running correctly
· Got the Create Project component of MvnAssist finally working the way I wanted.
· Lunch with Mike K at Cuban place. Looks like we’re going to be working together at s2f

5/7/09 – 7:30 – 4:30

· Integrated FileInstaller, getting the naming right on deeply nested entries in the local repo. Done
· Got the java and Flex code for visibility running on my box

5/6/09 – 7:30 – 4:00

· 10:30 meeting with Visibility project at the fort
· More trying to get Visibility server to build under Maven
· Need to be able to install files on the local machine, since javaee is not available on the repo. The command is: mvn install:install-file -Dfile=
-DgroupId= -DartifactId= -Dversion= -Dpackaging=
· Adding the local repo to the repo nav view

5/5/09 – 7:30 – 4:30

· Dong needs to call Brian today re: Geico meeting?
· Need to have MvnAssist setup .project and .classpath files for eclipse projects – Turns out the eclipse:eclipse task does this. Yay!
· Started trying to get the Visibility servlet set up as a Maven project and promptly ran into a few problems
· First, solr doesn’t have a spot in the official repo. I found it in the apache section of the jboss repo ( I also learned that repos have a very particular structure. It must be Group->artifact->version. The hierarchy on the website may be higher than that, but that means that therer is a “meta” structure on top of a set of repos
· Second, my repo browser didn’t know how to handle a “back” href that was explicit and not relative
· Third, since the default java version for maven is 1.3, I had to set the value in the compiler plugin. I’m not happy with the current fix, but it’s OK.
· Last, I put in the non-depricated call to archetype (generate rather than create). It’s even uglier! And I think that some of the templates are busted, so I’m forcing the quickstart template.
· Reading Brian’s RFP. Also read the Organic papers. Interesting, though I wonder about the ingestionn process.

5/4/09 – 7:30 – 3:30

· Integrate dependency browsing in MvnAssist by looking at the effective POM. Also, make sure to list the dependencies that are already in the POM – done. Need to test
· Going to the fort to learn about the Visibility project and get introduced around.

5/1/09 – 7:30 – 4:30

· Integrate dependency browsing in MvnAssist by looking at the effective POM. Also, make sure to list the dependencies that are already in the POM – getting closer – one more day?
· AppBoard meeting
· Lunch meeting with Dave and Becky

4/30/09 – 7:45 – 5:45

· Integrate dependency browsing in MvnAssist by looking at the effective POM. Also, make sure to list the dependencies that are already in the POM
· Start requirements for Version2 – first pass is done, but it took the whole day.
· Start on xml generator for Visibility

4/29/09 – 7:30 – 3:30

· Figuring out dependencies and adding them to MvnAssist. Made good progress.

4/28/09 – 8:00 – 4:00

· Rode to work again today! This time I remembered to put the water bottle in the freezer for the way home
· Rolled in comments to proposal
· Found a very cool Google 3D web API –
· Learned how to admin our SVN repo
· Integrating the m2Eclipse plugin, which is kinda crappy

4/27/09 – 8:15 – 4:15

· Rode to work today!
· Finished first draft of proposal. Roll in comments tomorrow
· Looks like I’m going to backfill Mike. Learning the system

4/24/09 – 8:00 – 5:00

· Need to drive the output for project creation in MvnAssist to a new console window so that there can be user interaction
· Finish writing up justification. Oddly, I sent the prior art emails from home but they didn’t get to my inbox here. Yes they did – it just took a while. Anyway, didn’t finish the justification, but made good progress
· Get tweezers!
· Check for glue over at IA-Labs?
· Need to write up a requirements document for Version Two.

4/23/09 – 8:00 – 4:00

· Some polishing on MvnAssist
· Chat with Tom over at the fort. It looks like an OK position – nice work environment. No viz though
· Tried to attach strain gauges, but discovered that I have no glue. To order the glue $190, I need to write up a justification. Got about a page into that.

4/22/09 – 8:00

· Got MvnAssist working pretty well
· Interview with Boeng. Mismatch on positions. Need to look some more
· Built a test rig for Force input/ Motion feedback

4/21/09 – 7:00 – 4:00

· Geico demo today
· Back to MvnAssist
· Good bike ride – 19.9 on the ‘rural’ 15 mile section

4/20/09 – 7:30 – 4:00

· Finishing up USMapWidget
· Making widget work with multiple states selected so regions will work – done
· Integrated with Dong’s code.

4/17/09 – 7:30 – 4:30

· Finishing up USMapWidget
· Helped Aaron out with his widget
· Started to get familiar with Analyst Notebook

4/16/09 – 8:00 – 4:00

· Working on StateItem
· Most of the map widget components are done. Had an odd problem where degrafa makes colors in the range 0x000100 – 000F00 as red. Hmmm.
· Need to set up a target data provider in the map widget
· Need a [Bindble] way to set selected in the map without clicking

4/15/09 – 8:00 – 5:00

· I really just hate getting up on rainy days
· Starting on map widget – it needs a *lot* of cleanup
· Trapping events on states
· Need to do the following:
o Item_name – String
o Item_data – Object
o Item_value – Number
o Item_units – String
o Max_val – Number
o Min_val – Number
o Max_color – RgbColor
o Min_color (then a linear parametric function that maps color to value)
o State as a separate value (red, green, yellow, gray)

4/14/09 – 7:30 – 5:30

· Got some more Maven Assist entered
· Setting up structure for Geico demo
· After a small eternity, managed to get TortoiseSVN and rearranged the SVN repo
· Got the NetworkWidget added as a component
· Added reload capability to SmartShapeContainer

4/13/2009 – 7:15 – 4:00

· Getting set up
· Can’t log into the network – no one here to ask yet
· Keying in MvnAssist
· Need to get Dom4j -done
· Talked to Clift about stuff. Geico dem coming up – he wants to put integrate his map. It strikes me that this might be a nide app for the MSD network view. Need to build out project with Dong tomorrow.