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Dong Shin 06.17.2015

Dong Shin 06.16.2015

  • working on charting
    • added future values to charting data navigator
  • working on FR
    • reworked Funding Breakdown calculation message, showing actual difference
    • reworked POC, adding a POC adds to the FR POC list as well as POC list

Dong Shin 06.15.2015

Dong Shin 06.12.2015

  • Lenny’s having issues with Query Builder using CONCAT (‘%)… will take a look on Monday
  • working on FR
    • retrieving FR list using columns specified instead of whole list…
    • trick to convert snake case to camel case…
    • newColumns[i] = WordUtils.capitalizeFully(columns[i], new char[]{‘_’}).replaceAll(“_”, “”);
      newColumns[i] = Introspector.decapitalize(newColumns[i]);
    • could not get String[] or List<String> to work with @ResponseBody….
    • set default approval state to Working in database table
    • set default approval state to Working in FR app
    • made FR not editable for Submitted and Processed status for non-admins

Dong Shin 06.11.2015

  • on-site things…
    • found that funding amount validation fails on float calculation that goes beyond decimal points – fixed
    • reworked approval states
    • minor changes to main funding request view.
    • table data editor error – closed db connection?
    • need to change the Load FR to have short list data
  • working on FR
    • changed approval states
    • changed funding-request.tpl.html
    • modified checkFundingBrekdown in services.js to truncate numbers after two decimal points
    • trouble shooting closed db connection problem…

Dong Shin 06.09.2015

  • working on FR validation
  • Lenny’s requests of the day….
    • On the ISR PMO Module:
      • Remove Project Number
      • Change ISR PM to ISR PMO Capability Lead
      • Add ISR PMO Capability Lead Phone Number
  • back to charting…

Dong Shin 06.08.2015

  • deployed new FR – fixed number of hours to decimal numbers
  • fixed Contract Labor total calculation – getTotal() method had numberOfFTEs in it….
  • need to rework Funding Amount validation – move to submit
  • working on TableData app
    • got get, delete, add working!
  • reworking Funding Amount validation per Lenny’s request

Dong Shin 06.05.2015

  • working on app for adding data to tables used for SELECT in FR app so admin can edit the data
    • start with Project Name, Project Lab and Project Manager
    • added get/save/delete single column for tables in SQLService
  • working on FR per Lenny’s request
    • changed Authorized User can be accessed by Admin
    • verified that FTE’s not included in the calcuation
    • changed estimated_hours in fr_contract_labors table as well as the server codes

Dong Shin 06.03.2015

  • deployed new FR
  • fixed saving FR issues – table column too short, changed to 255
  • removed comments and added Project Lab and Amount to Load Funding Request dialog on-site
  • Lenny wants to generate FR documents using templates and FR data
  • working on FR
    • changed funding_requests table to have varchar(255) for all varchar columns
    • changed Load Funding Request dialog to reflect on-site changes, added column resize

Dong Shin 06.02.2015

  • deployed charting, works like charm….
  • pulled back the formatting for FR as it wasn’t working in IE
  • working on FR
    • Object doesn’t support property or method ‘isNaN’ caused IE errors – Number.isNaN()
    • fixed auto-fill not working properly
    • changed Authorized User button to show only for owner