Monthly Archives: February 2014

Phil 2.18.14

10:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • More paperwork. There’s a new list of items that the web pages have to have, so we’ll need to modify all our flash files.
  • Worked on adding banners to Data Visualizer and Scripting. Had all kinds of problems with the properties pointing to the wrong folder for the .swf, and then the java export functionality was broken. Finally had to delete all the servers from Eclipse , reinstall, and then change the settings  on the server so that it explicitly used the current Tomcat 7.0 Install. After that, the server came up. Next will be to get the VSS server side code to export.
  • Javascript?

2:00 – ?? Mandatory All Hands. Nope, wrong contract

Phil 2.14.14

9:30 – 3:30 SR

  • Tried to get into the office to do backups, but it was locked and empty. Went over to the Columbia offices, which was not locked, but still pretty empty.
  • Javascript
    • Adding in physics. Starting with 2 shapes…
    • Physics are working
    • Turning off physics for the dragged shape
    • Adjusting click behavior so that selection happens on mousedown and is released on mouseup
    • Hooking up dials – done
    • Adding movement threshold instead of damping – Done
    • Good progress today!

Dong Shin 02.12.2014

  • deployed new queries to update COGNOS data mapping – working!
  • changed Reqonciler to retrieve the list of queries in ‘order’ order…
  • working on reconfiguring Commited Amounts/Date in Query Builder
    • created view for Committed Amount/Date – __view_committed_totals
      • CREATE ALGORITHM = UNDEFINED VIEW `__view_committed_totals` AS SELECT budget_center_id, MAX( committed_date ) AS committed_date, SUM( committed_amount ) AS committed_amount, GROUP_CONCAT( committed_amount )
        FROM `committed_amounts`
        GROUP BY budget_center_id
    • added __view_committed_totals join queryBuilderConfig.xml – vct
    • change queries – committed_date to vct.committed_date in queries!

Phil 2.12.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Updated budget center cognos data queries. Still need to add an “order by `order`” in the reqonciler post-processing query.  Actually, all queries.
  • Remove committed amounts and dates from query builder, calculate from new req data.
  • Mousemove not working in IE8. Possibly need to add the explicit div name ( That fix is in. Need to test.
  • Spent the rest of the day working out the physics for the shapes. Mostly done and ready to start testing?

Dong Shin 02.11.2014

  • found that a query is missing in Post Processing in Reqonciler for updating cognos data relations after new ingest….
    • UPDATE budget_center_contracts LEFT JOIN (SELECT bcc.uid as tuid, c.uid as cuid FROM budget_centers c, budget_center_contracts bcc WHERE c.sub_budget_center_number = bcc.sub_budget_center AND c.req_id = bcc.requisition_id AND ISNULL(bcc.budget_center_id)) t ON budget_center_contracts.uid = t.tuid SET budget_center_contracts.budget_center_id = cuid WHERE NOT ISNULL(t.tuid)
  • alter table syntax….
  • need to look at these… mine are set to 16777216 – show variables
    • Check the value of max_heap_table_size variable
    • Check the value of tmp_table_size variable

Phil 2.11.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Looking into why MIPRs are not being automatically assigned.
  • Javascript
    • Finish making the ShapeManager a separate module. Don’t forget to add PhysicsShape as a dependency in the module!
    • Havine huge problems with the setTimeout javascript call. Just found the Y.later() method. Trying that. That did it. Adding more peices back in.
      • And for the record, this is how you maintain context for a function call when in a JavaScript prototype, as far as I can tell: Y.on(“click”, function(ev){self.startSampling(ev);}, “#start”);
    • Ok, here’s the new ShapeManager version where everything behaves. Though the ‘PhysicsShape:selected’ event may not be getting where it needs to…
    • Add physics controls (dials?)
    • Start on map integration. Looks like this may do the trick:

Phil 2.10.15

8:30 – 4:30 SR

  • The remote desktop on the server came up really slow this morning. This might have something to do with rebooting the VM. For example, getting Vim to launch takes 15 seconds, but the second time was instant. Going to see if it’s just a case of getting some threads started, but if it presists, I’m going to have to poke around some. Speaking of which, I wonder if Chris had any luck getting us an SA?
  • Backups
  • I was testing all the apps to make sure that they were behaving and had the task manager up on the server. It gets *hammered* when the RA initial query runs. Hmmm.
  • Got the patent back from the USPTO over the weekend, with the claims rejected, based on an Immersion patent from 2001. Since I don’t have the hours or the budget to work on this any more, I’ll need to hand this off. That is assuming that Novetta is interested in adding to its patent portfolio.
  • Javascript.
    • Had a thought about the tooltip over the weekend. It should be possible to do it as a skinnable div with border and background properties. If the width and height are set to auto, it should work…
    • And it did! Need to check on older browsers. And of course, we have problems with the tooltips disappearing in IE. Ignoring this for now.
    • Changed the module to be skinnable, so that labels and tooltips can be styled sensibly.
    • Starting a shapemanager class, since there’s a lot of special code in the top HTML now.

Phil 2.7.14

12:00 – 4:00

  • Spent the morning at UMBC for PhD activities. Had the department heads reinforce that if I couldn’t get additional hours it would be “virtually impossible” to get a degree. Thanks a bunch, WCC/Novetta for reneging on our agreement.
  • Working on integrating tooltips into graphics. Tricky because the only way to get the mouse position is by having a mousemove event listener and you don’t want one for every shape. Adding a “checkMousePos()” method to the PhysicsShape class that uses a sampled mouse pos from the containing class.
  • Stuff to test

Dong Shin 02.06.2014

  • fixed FA to display Req Editor window for non-admins
  • working on query for reports
    • sample query to get two consecutive months of data
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=10) THEN month_1
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=11) THEN month_2
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=12) THEN month_3
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=1) THEN month_4
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=2) THEN month_5
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=3) THEN month_6
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=4) THEN month_7
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=5) THEN month_8
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=6) THEN month_9
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=7) THEN month_10
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=8) THEN month_11
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=9) THEN month_12
      ELSE ‘no month’
      AS month_1,

      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=10) THEN month_2
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=11) THEN month_3
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=12) THEN month_4
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=1) THEN month_5
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=2) THEN month_6
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=3) THEN month_7
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=4) THEN month_8
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=5) THEN month_9
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=6) THEN month_10
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=7) THEN month_11
      WHEN (MONTH(CURDATE())=8) THEN month_12
      ELSE ‘no month’
      AS month_2
      FROM `obligations_outlays` WHERE 1

Phil 2.6.14

8:00 – 9:30, 12:30 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA and RA
  • Going to try to add a profiling wrapper around queries that can be triggered to see what’s taking so long. See here for details.
  • JavaScript
    • Adding events – done, though they are not YUI Events. Just added and Y.on in the containing HTML
    • Adding tooltips – this is turning out to be hard. Shape nodes don’t seem to support tooltips, and many of the mouse events seem to be misbehaving. So I’m going to use my shape/div trick to build tooltips. I think opacity can be triggered using transitions, but if not, I can do something based on distance.
    • Adding arguments and defaults for size, color and line thickness – done

Phil 2.5.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Bugs/Comments
    • RA
      • Add ‘View FMP’ button next to ‘View Invoices’
      • Reported FACTS obligated is showing zeros.
    • FA
      • Non admins need to see the panel that clicking on a requisition line brings up, but they should not be able to edit.
      • Clicking on a line in the top panel of the ‘Financial View’ sould bring up the RA ‘Financial Data Entry’ panel
  • JavaScript
    • is now available through the firewall. And the MSD display is working
    • Add names (show/hide attribute) and tooltips (overlay)  next
      • Labels are working. In YUI you have to handle text as a <div>, since there is no support for text in YUI.Graphic class.
    • Size and color (normal, selected, hover?)  attributes, and initial arguments. Also could have default values this way.
    • Fire a “clicked” event for integration with application.

    DARPA releases open source code. However, some links seem to be broken.

Phil 2.4.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA
  • more paperwork
  • Talked to Chris about getting a new SA and finding out who our Security guy is.
  • Status report.
  • JavaScript
    • Got lines working. Since there does not seem to be a way to adjust the order of the nodes, I have to add the shape that represents the connecting lines before adding the shapes. THis means two passes in the initialization first the constructor loop, and then a loop where addShape() is called. Clunky, but it works. And here’s the result so far.